Diversity Statement

Diversity Statement

Our Multicultural Statement
Georgia State University’s Counseling & Testing Center staff is strongly and proudly committed to furthering the academic success and general development of a  highly diverse  and cultural student body. To accomplish these objectives, our staff actively works to promote a learning environment characterized by inclusiveness, where we value awareness and understanding of each other’s differences and similarities. We extend this spirit to the populations we serve and strive to treat all with dignity and respect. Diversity is broadly defined in terms of cultural, ethnic, and sexual identity, age, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status, physical and mental abilities, and gender differences. Multiculturalism reflects our commitment to advancing awareness and understanding of the value inherent in our diversity.

We believe that prejudice and oppression are detrimental to human development and that acknowledging diversity enhances the learning environments we strive to foster and enrich. Across our individual, group, classroom and program services, we work to create learning environments in which everyone is respected, welcomed and appreciated.

As part of this effort, CTC staff are committed to expanding their knowledge and skills for continued growth in our understanding of diversity issues and strive to integrate multicultural awareness into all aspects of our work. We encourage professional self-exploration, taking responsibility, reciprocal feedback, and multicultural skill development among all staff at the center. We believe that our continuing commitment to this process will enable us to provide services within a climate of congruity, valuing by example the struggle to learn and grow within a multicultural context.

Diversity Highlights
Multicultural awareness and competency is our goal in all areas of center service. Our staff represents the cultural diversity of our student constituency, including race/ethnicity, sexual identity, age, religious affiliation, socioeconomic background, and gender. Culturally diverse students are well represented as consumers of all center services.

We regularly organize professional development experiences in order to further our cultural understanding and increase our own cultural competencies in order to provide more effective culturally competent services.  We aim to further student success in and out of the classroom at Georgia State University.

We are committed to examining our assessments and interventions for diversity issues (e.g., cultural bias), determining and implementing appropriate avenues of address.

Our Mission
The primary mission of the Georgia State University Counseling & Testing Center is to support students in achieving their personal and educational goals. As a comprehensive, service-oriented agency, our personnel strives to offer accessible, professional, and high-quality services in the areas of:

  • Clinical services (personal and educational counseling, crisis intervention, psychiatric services, consultation, psycho-educational programming)
  • Instruction (e.g., GSU 1010 courses, practices, seminars, mentoring and supervision)
  • Testing services (online testing, independent learning, national and university standardized testing, placement testing, professional certifications, and test scoring)