CLEP Exam Information

CLEP Exam Information

Please note: Registering to take a CLEP exam is a two-step process:

  1. Register for each exam that a student wishes to take through the College Board.
  2. Register online for each exam a student wishes to take at the Georgia State University Counseling and Testing Center.

Bring a printed copy of the College Board confirmation on test day. Electronic versions (e.g., on phones, pads, etc.) will not be accepted.

For further information about the CLEP program (exam descriptions, study information, other locations, etc.), visit CLEP – College-Level Examination Program.

Georgia State University CLEP Policy
Georgia State University awards credit for selected CLEP exams (see Georgia State University Approved CLEP Exams below). For credit to be granted, a minimum score of 50 must be achieved.
Please note: CLEP grades will not affect a student’s G.P.A.

Georgia State University Approved CLEP Exams

CLEP Exam Georgia State University Course
College Composition Modular and handwritten essay* English 1101
English Literature and handwritten essay* English 2120
American Literature and handwritten essay* English 2130
College French Language French 2001 & 2002
College German Language German German 2001 & 2002
College Spanish Language Spanish 2001 & 2002
American Government Political Science 1101
History of the U.S. I and History of the U.S. II** History 2110
Introductory Psychology Psychology 1101
Principles of Macroeconomics Economics 2105
Principles of Microeconomics Economics 2106
Introductory Sociology Sociology 1101
Calculus Mathematics 2211
College Algebra Mathematics 1111
College Mathematics Mathematics 1101
Precalculus Mathematics 1113
Biology Biology 1103K
Chemistry Chemistry 1099
Western Civilization I: Ancient Near East to 1648 History 1099
Western Civilization II: 1648 to the Present History 1099

(*Exams with an asterisk have an optional handwritten essay portion.)
(**Exams with a double asterisk require both parts.)


  • For History credit to be granted, both U.S. History I and II exams must be taken.
  • The optional essay portion of all English exams is required in addition to the objective portion. Essay exams are reviewed by three readers, and the applicant must receive a grade of “PASS” or better from at least two readers in order to receive course credit.
  • If a student scores between 50-53 on the Spanish Foreign Language exams, three semester hours of credit will be awarded for the equivalent of 2001. For a score of 54 or higher, six semester hours of credit will be awarded for the equivalent of 2001-2002. If a student scores between 50-62 on the German exam, three semester hours of credit will be awarded for the equivalent of 2001. For a score of 63 or higher, six semester hours of credit will be awarded. For the French exam, a score of 50-51 will be awarded three semester hours of credit, and scores of 52 or higher will be awarded six semester hours of credit.
  • Graduating Seniors: Tests should not be scheduled during the last semester before graduation due to the limited time for course validation and award of credit.

CLEP Exams Offered

  • Business
  • Business Law, Introductory
  • Financial Accounting
  • Management, Principles
    of Marketing
  • Principles of Composition
    and Literature
  • American Literature*
  • Analyzing and Interpreting
  • College Composition
  • College Composition Modular*
  • English Literature*
  • Humanities
  • Foreign Language
  • French Language
  • German Language
  • Spanish Language
  • History and Social
  • American Government
  • Educational Psychology,
    Introduction to
  • History of the
    United States I
  • History of the
    United States II
  • Human Growth and
  • Macroeconomics,
    Principles of
  • Microeconomics,
    Principles of
  • Psychology, Introductory
  • Social Sciences and History
  • Sociology, Introductory
  • Western Civilization I
  • Western Civilization II
  • Science and Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Calculus
  • Chemistry
  • College Algebra
  • College Mathematics
  • Natural Sciences
  • Precalculus


Questions regarding credit acceptance at Georgia State University should be directed to Elaine Jones, office of Admissions, Sparks Hall, Suite 200 by phone at 404-413-2042. Georgia State University students are also encouraged to consult with their academic advisor before registering for a CLEP exam.