ACCUPLACER Remote Testing

Testing Services supports the admissions process for applicants by facilitating placement testing for online and distance students at testing sites nationwide.

Perimeter College at Georgia State University may not be able to accept test scores taken at off campus locations without approval. To ensure that their test is accepted for admissions and placement purposes, applicants must request a remote test be set up for them.

A remote test may be scheduled by filling out the Request to complete ACCUPLACER tests at a remote location form and return by email.

Please note: Remote testing is arranged for students 50 miles or more from a Perimeter College at Georgia State University campuses. Testing Services will not arrange remote tests at other institutions within the 50 mile radius.

Receipt of Remote Testing Request
Students who email the form will receive an automated out of office reply. This email is constantly monitored during the weekday, but, due to the volume of email received, Testing Services cannot acknowledge receipt of each email personally. The autoreply serves as a receipt and confirmation that the information has been received and will be addressed in the order of arrival. The lack of an autoreply indicates that the form did not go through. Students who cannot fill out the Request to complete ACCUPLACER tests at a remote location form (or do not receive an autoreply to their email after sending the form) may email the information directly. The information required includes: name, address, city, state, zip code, date of birth, student ID number, daytime phone number, email address (student email preferred if available) and instructor’s name (for exit exams only).

Please note:
Students who test at venues other than Perimeter College at Georgia State University campuses will usually be charged a fee by the testing location. This is not controlled by Perimeter College, and the application of a fee or the amount of the fee is determined by the non-Perimeter College testing location. Students who are out of the country may have limited test sites available. Student should email to see if any options are available.

Please contact Remote Testing for remote test inquiries.