Mind Body Wellness Workshops

Mind-Body Wellness Workshops

The Counseling and Testing Center offers a variety of workshops throughout the semester. Below is a list of some of the workshops that are offered. Students who have any questions regarding a specific workshop should contact Lineliz Vassallo, mind-body coordinator at 404-413-1746.

Mind-Body Programming: Spring 2017
Mindfulness Meditation Drop-in Sessions
Mondays: 12 p.m. and 4 p.m., Library South, 8th floor, Colloquium Room (Beginning March 6th)

Mindful Movement & Relaxation Drop-In Meditations
Wednesdays: 4 p.m.

Let’s Chill!: Four-Week Mindfulness Course
Tuesdays: 12 p.m. and 5 p.m., begins first Tuesday of each month (closed to new participants after the first week)
Mindfulness and meditation are skills that help to decrease stress, increase awareness and concentration while helping to maintain balance through times of increasing demands, change and uncertainty. This course, consisting of four or eight classes, is designed to help students calm and stabilize their minds, manage anxiety and stress and help them live a more fulfilling life. Student who are feeling pressured or stressed are invited to learn these wonderful and essential life skills!

Students will learn basic mindfulness practices including sitting meditation, moving meditation practices and awareness activities that help them cultivate a sense of presence, focus and equanimity. Through class discussions and assigned exercises, students learn to integrate mindfulness in to their daily experience.

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For more information on mind-body services, contact Lineliz Vassallo, mind-body coordinator at 404-413-1746 or by email.