Counseling Services

Brief Solution Focused Counseling Services
Emotional pain, like physical pain, is a signal that something needs to change. If you are experiencing feelings of depression or anxiety, or struggling with insomnia, loss of motivation, relationship issues, suicidal thoughts, consequences from substance use, or other signals that something needs to change, an initial consultation with one of the staff at the Counseling & Testing Center may be helpful in determining your plan of action. These initial consultations are done on a walk-in basis and are free and confidential. At the end of the meeting, you will be provided with recommendations. One of those may be Individual counseling at the Counseling and Testing Center.

Couples Counseling
Another recommendation that may be made is couples Counseling. Couples counseling can help students learn how to communicate more effectively with a partner, resolve conflicts and develop a more mutually satisfying relationship. Brief couples counseling is available to students and their partners free of charge. Partners do not have to be students.

Group Counseling
Group counseling provides a unique way to learn about oneself and one’s relationships and to give and receive support and feedback from others. It is the treatment of choice for building satisfying relationships with others and is often preferred by those who benefit from a supportive community. Groups provide the advantage of getting to see others with similar concerns solve their problems and also allow students to gain a network of support. Research has shown that groups are especially helpful in building trust, self-acceptance, intimacy, stronger communication skills, and empathy. Groups offered currently at CTC include: African American womens group, African American Co-ed group, interpersonal/relationship groups, LGBT group, graduate student group, support group for students who are parents, support group for students with chronic illnesses or pain,Changes: for those who are striving to have a healthy relationship with substances, Consciously Resting: Meditation/Stress Management, and Relationship Boot Camp: Couples Group.