how to access services

How To Access Services

Your first appointment at the Counseling & Testing Center (CTC) will begin with a 30-minute consultation with a staff clinician.  The clinician will help assess the nature and urgency of your presenting concerns so that we can help you make the most appropriate next steps to assist you.

When you contact our office, you will be asked to come in and complete paperwork.  Once you have completed the paperwork (which takes approximately 30 minutes), you will be scheduled for the next available 30-minute consultation which may be that same day or the next, depending upon the time you come in and your availability.

During your 30-minute consultation, you will be asked questions to help determine how we may assist you.  It is very important to be as open and honest as possible so that we can get a clear understanding of how we may help you.  Also, please make sure to ask any questions that you might have.

At the end of your 30-minute consultation, appropriate treatment options will be reviewed with you.  These could include any of the following:

  • A referral to one of our groups (Building Healthy Relationships, Graduate Student Support Group, African American Co-Ed Group, Women Who T.A.L.K, LGBT Support Group, and more)
  • A referral to our Mind-Body Program (adjunctive nutritional services, relaxation room, etc…)
  • A referral to our Mind-Body Wellness workshops (e.g., Mindful Eating, Relax Your Mind and Body: Skills for Managing Stress, Mind over Mood, Control Substance Use Before It controls You, Increasing Personal Effectiveness: Basic University Survival Skills, Communication: It Works if You Work at It!, “I said, You said, They said, We said: Communication Skills in Intimate Relationships”
  • A referral for an initial assessment (for short-term individual therapy, short-term couples therapy, alcohol and other drugs assessment and treatment, and/or medication management)
  • A referral to other on-campus resources
  • A referral to community resources

Please note that crisis and urgent appointments are available at all times during our business hours. The CTC is a short-term counseling agency. If you need or are interested in longer term therapy, we can assist you in setting up those services in the community.