how to access services

How To Access Services

Enrolled students may consult with a counselor about their concerns to determine a plan for getting them resolved. The initial meeting is a walk-in consultation visit with a counselor. Students must simply walk into the Counseling and Testing Center (CTC) up to an hour before closing and plan to spend around 15-20 minutes completing initial information for the counselor prior to the walk-in consultation session.

The consultation is likely to take between 30-40 minutes with a counselor and the student should get an idea about what type of services are recommended based on his or her particular concerns or situation. The counselor will assess your needs and make a plan based on their professional opinion and in collaboration with you. Many students are referred for short-term individual, group, or couples counseling or mind-body wellness services at the Georgia State University CTC. If the student’s needs indicate that s/he would best be served by a referral to a specialist off campus, information about accessing this will be provided. Further, if a student needs a referral for assistance to other on-campus resources, this too can be provided during the initial consultation walk-in visit.

The entire process of the initial consultation via the walk-in service may take an hour or a little more, depending on the wait, so students should plan to arrive with enough time to complete the process before the close of the CTC and before their next class or work appointment. Students will be scheduled with a counselor for the initial consultation after your paper work has been completed. Wait times are less during the morning hours and students can call ahead of time to find out what the current wait time for an initial consultation is before walking across campus to the CTC.

What are the hours?
Walk-in consultation hours begin at 8:30 am and end at 4:00 pm Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Extended hours for walk-in consultation are available on Tuesdays and Wednesdays until 6:00 pm during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

After-hours Counseling Available: Call center main number 404 413-1640. Please listen to the prompts to be directed to a counselor.

Note: Walk-in consultation hours end one hour before the CTC closes to allow students adequate time to complete initial information and meet with a counselor prior to CTC closure.

Wait time for counseling at the CTC
In general, if individual or couples counseling at the CTC is recommended for a student following the walk-in initial consultation, the wait time for being assigned a counselor is approximately two weeks. However, there are peak times during the semester where the wait time may be longer, and the less availability in the student’s schedule, the more difficult it is to find an available appointment time that matches. While waiting for individual counseling, students may have urgent needs met by following up with the counselor that they saw for their initial consultation on walk-in, they have access to consultation in our mind-body clinic, as well as will be provided with low cost referrals in case they do not want to wait for services at the CTC.