Mind Body Program

Mind-Body Clinic

Welcome to the Georgia State University Counseling & Testing Center’s Mind-Body Clinic! Life as a GSU student will be challenging and at times stressful as you try to balance academic, social, and extracurricular responsibilities. While stress is a fact of life, too much stress can cause problems. It can affect your mental and physical health, negatively impact relationships with friends and family, and contribute to poor academic performance. Therefore, the ability to effectively manage stress is an important life skill for students to acquire as early as possible.

Stressed is what you get when you believe that the demands of your life exceed your ability to cope with them. Usually, stress comes with change and uncertainty, being overwhelmed, and underappreciated. These factors affect everyone throughout life. It is not the stressors that negatively affect you. It’s how you handle stress that matters. Managed well, stress can be empowering, a motivation for personal growth, and a catalyst for changing negative behaviors. The Mind-Body Clinic is dedicated to providing information and a set of practical tools and strategies for coping and reducing the negative consequences of stress. Participants in the Mind-Body Program will learn:

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