Mind Body Wellness Workshops

Mind-Body Wellness Workshops

The Counseling Center offers a variety of seminars throughout the semester.  Some of the topics offered are listed below. For the most updated schedule click here.

Mindful Eating
Learn to recognize and respond to your body’s natural hunger cues so that you can develop a positive and peaceful relationship with your appetite and body. Become aware of the differences between emotional and physical hunger and learn effective responses for each.

Relax Your Mind and Body: Skills for Managing Stress
The number one complaint of college students today is the level of stress in their lives.  Stress affects not only our health and wellbeing, but also the quality of our relationships and academic performance. This seminar is designed to help participants better understand how stress and anxiety operate in their lives and ways to develop balance. Participants will practice relaxation and stress reduction techniques.

Mind over Mood
Incessant mind “chatter” often demands our attention and energy, busying our minds, and preventing us from awakening to experience life more fully as it unfolds moment by moment.
Come and learn how to create a quieter, more “grounded” experience through Mindfulness and Meditation

Control Substance Use before it Controls You
Most students believe that alcohol and drugs are always a part of university life. Alcohol and drugs usage has a negative impact on students’ academic performance and personal relationships. There are many myths about alcohol and drugs in the GSU community, and many students at GSU indicate that they have difficulty finding peers who don’t consume alcohol. This seminar will include video clips, experiential activities, and discussion to provide current information that will help students make informed decision about alcohol and drugs.  The workshop will help challenge the myths of alcohol and drugs among students, and may help reduce the alcohol and drug violations by students on campus.

Increasing Personal Effectiveness: Basic University Survival Skills
This seminar will cover many skills useful for your time at GSU and hopefully well-beyond. Topics include: Time Management; How to Overcome Procrastination or Perfectionism; Effective Study Skills; and Balancing Life and School. In essence – how to become your own administrative assistant!

Communication: It Works if You Work at It!
The most common presenting problem at the University Counseling Center is relationship issues. Communication is one of the most important factors in healthy relationships, yet students rarely are taught how to communicate effectively. Effective communication skills are essential for college students’ success in academia, personal life, and career development. Ineffective communication leads to conflict, confusion, and isolation.  This workshop will use experiential activities, such as role playing, sharing experiences, training in listening and reflecting skills, and empathy development to help students learn to communicate effectively and respectfully with peers, faculty, and staff.

“I Said, You Said, They Said, We Said”: Communication Skills in Intimate Relationships
This seminar is for people involved in any kind of intimate relationship – gay, straight, married, dating, monogamous, polyamorous, etc, – as well as for those who are not currently in a relationship, but would like to improve their skills.  You are welcome to come alone or with your partner! This seminar will help participants: Identify common myths and misconceptions in relationships, and learn the truth behind these; Develop an increased compassion and understanding for their partner; Learn innovative communication techniques and conflict resolution strategies; and Practice new ways of communicating.