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Admissions Testing for Nontraditional Applicants
Online registration for COMPASS on this site is for nontraditional applicants to Georgia State University only. Registration requires a Panther ID number, not a social security number. Students can complete the requested information to determine their admission status. If the application is recent, the Panther ID number may not be available.

Please contact Admissions at 404-413-2500 for assistance.

COMPASS for nontraditional applicants to Georgia State University may be taken only twice, with a minimum of 90 days between test dates. If applicants do not achieve the minimum requirements in those two attempts, they will have to wait five years in order to be eligible to re-apply as a nontraditional applicant.

COMPASS assessments include reading, writing and mathematics. The number of sections an applicant is required to take is determined by Admissions upon review of application and transcript material.

Test Day
Candidates should bring one valid government issued identification with photo, such as a driver’s license, passport or permanent resident, state or military identification card.

Registering for the Test
Applicants must register online for a testing appointment. A Panther ID number issued from Georgia State University is required for online registration. Do not use a social security number. The testing fee of $28 is payable at the time of registration. The testing fee is nonrefundable and nontransferable. Once registration dates and times are confirmed, if the test taker cannot attend on the selected date and time,  fees will not be refunded, nor will the registration date be transferred.

Carefully read the information below before registering for the test. Students who are not applicants to Georgia State University who register on this online site will not receive a refund of the registration fee.

Upcoming Test Dates
To be announced.

Frequently Asked Questions

The test questions are multiple choice and will be administered on a computer. Questions are answered one at a time, and there is no opportunity to return to a previous question. Sections typically contain 12-15 questions. Preceding each section, the computer will provide a set of instructions describing the test format and information on how to navigate through the test.
The tests are not timed. The time will vary from person to person based on the number of sections a person takes, the number of questions per section and how long a person takes to responds to the questions. Most students will finish in about 30-45 minutes per area. Sessions beginning at 9 a.m. will be terminated no later than 12:45 p.m. Sessions beginning at 1 p.m. will be terminated no later than 4:45 p.m. Appointments for completion may be made, if necessary.
COMPASS scores are submitted to Admissions at the end of each month. Admissions will require some time to merge the scores with other application data and to evaluate the files. Applicants will be notified in writing of the admission decision sometime during the month following submission of their scores.
No. Pencil and paper will be provided, and the test screen allows access to an online calculator for the mathematics section.
The questions will start at the algebra level. If most questions are answered correctly, the test may continue with additional questions in the college algebra and geometry level. If the applicant is admitted, the score from the mathematics section will also be used for placement purposes.
Go to ACT COMPASS to view some sample questions for each of the three sections. Practicing with a Windows calculator may increase a student’s confidence in using an online calculator during the mathematics section. An alternative site for assistance with math preparation may be found at Purplemath.
Testing for Another Institution or Organization
Students who would like to take the COMPASS for another institution at Georgia State should contact their school to find out whether they allow remote testing for COMPASS and follow the instructions on the confirmation notice. Students will pay the $28 fee (money order only) for testing at Georgia State at their testing time. Candidates who are attending a school that does not offer remote testing or need to take COMPASS for employment purposes may take an individually proctored exam by appointment. The proctor fee is $20 per hour or portion of an hour. Appointments for those tests may be arranged by calling 404-413-1736.

For additional information, refer to Distance Learning.