The SAT I is a three-hour, primarily multiple-choice, paper-pencil standardized test used for admission into undergraduate programs at Georgia State University. The SAT I consists of the following:

Critical Reading
Two 25-minute sections and one 20 minute section

Two 25-minute sections and one 20-minute section
Calculator use permitted (refer to SAT web site or registration bulletin for restrictions)
Some questions do not include answer choices

One 25-minute section for a student-written essay and
two multiple choice sections (25 minutes and 10 minutes)

One 25-minute equating section of verbal, math, or writing questions that does not count toward score

The SAT is offered seven times a year. For information on the test schedule and registering for a future test date, consult the SAT website. Information is available for registering in the following manners:

  1. Online at the College Board a Credit card is required.
  2. Using the registration folder (these are available in the Georgia State University Counseling and Testing Center, as well as at most local high schools)
  3. Phone (1-800-728-7267) Additional $10.00 fee. Credit card required. Available only to candidates who are re-registering.
  4. Standby (see registration bulletin or SAT web site for details)

Test candidates are strongly encouraged to review the SAT website (noted above) and/or registration bulletin for policies regarding scheduling and rescheduling, required identification on test day, and calculator usage.