Clinical Training

The Georgia State University Counseling and Testing Center is home to an APA accredited doctoral internship program in psychology and an APPIC member post-doctoral fellowship in psychology. Both programs attract advanced level psychologists-in-training who are interested in meeting the requirements for licensure as a psychologist and in working with diverse populations in an urban university counseling center setting. Supervision is provided by senior psychologists with a focus on developing and strengthening multicultural counseling competencies.

Deadline for application for the APA accredited doctoral internship is December 1, 2013 and includes submission of the AAPI online.

Deadline for application for the APPIC member post-doctoral fellowship is January 13, 2014 and includes submission of a CV, official transcript, 3 letters of reference to:

Dr. Jill Lee-Barber, Director of Training
Georgia State University Counseling & Testing Center
PO Box 3961
Atlanta, GA 30302-3961