Internship Evaluations

Evaluations occur at regularly scheduled points during the internship year. Informal evaluations may be scheduled for mid-fall semester in November. Formal evaluations are scheduled for February and July. All training faculty, including supervisors and seminar instructors, meet at each designated evaluation time to discuss each intern’s progress through the internship program. The purpose of these evaluation sessions is to integrate feedback on intern performance from as many sources as possible and provide the training director, training committee and supervisors with sufficient information on intern progress to provide program modifications when needed in order to appropriately support and challenge each intern. The primary and secondary supervisors are responsible for completing a written evaluation of the intern that describes the intern’s performance during the evaluation period. (Supervisors and interns can view a copy of the evaluation form on the I drive under Training on computers in the Counseling and Testing Center.)

The training director will add administrative feedback with regard to the intern’s attendance, punctuality, professionalism and other related issues. The training director is responsible for integrating feedback into a report that is sent twice a year to the intern’s academic training director. All evaluation reports will conclude with the most appropriate evaluation statement listed below checked off.

  • The intern is performing within general standards. Any problems encountered are seen as normal professional developmental issues.
  • Problems identified in the report have been noted and are significantly below minimum standards of practice. A plan of remediation has been identified and will be addressed in subsequent supervision.
  • Problems reflected in this report warrant discussion or further action by the training committee.

Interns and supervisors meet at a scheduled evaluation session to exchange feedback. During the informal evaluation sessions, this feedback is oral, while during the formal evaluations the feedback exchange is both written and oral. During formal evaluation sessions, the supervisor and intern will discuss the written evaluation of the intern and the intern’s evaluation of the supervisor prior to submitting both forms to the training director. The intern’s evaluations, signed by both intern and supervisor, will be included in the intern’s file. The intern’s signature does not necessarily reflect agreement with the content, but rather that the document has been presented to and reviewed by the intern. Interns may provide a written reaction to the evaluation report. The intern’s written reaction is also submitted to the training director and included in the intern’s file.

Interns are expected to rate their overall experience of the internship at midyear and at the end of the year on the Intern Training Evaluation. (This form is available on the I drive under Training on computers in the Counseling and Testing Center). Interns are also invited to share their experiences of the strengths and weaknesses of the internship with the training director during administrative seminar. The training director and training committee use written and oral feedback from the interns to modify the internship program as appropriate.