About the Summit

Mission and History
The Georgia State University Counseling Center’s Cultural Competency Summit evolved from the Biennial Cultural Competency Conference which had been in existence since 2004. Both events share the primary goal of providing mental health professionals with an opportunity to further develop their knowledge, skills and awareness as it relates to cultural issues and working with diverse populations. This is achieved through various activities in which conferees have a chance to interact with one another and engage in relevant discussions about ongoing cultural dynamics in the context of their professional work and in society at large.

In 2020, the Summit was renamed to the Summit on Culture and will offer a week of  dynamic skills and community building training for students and professionals to include  continuing education workshops, a poster session and an opportunity to participate in Courageous Conversations. This provides an opportunity for participants to gain skills to enhance their work as culturally competent practitioners and to join with others for rich and meaningful discussion of current issues and their impact.