Privacy and Confidentiality
The Counseling Center is committed to creating a safe, inclusive  and secure environment that values privacy and confidentiality. No one outside the Counseling Center may be given information regarding a client’s counseling status or have access to medical records without the client’s consent (written consent). Counseling Center professional staff will also not confirm or respond to any inquiries regarding the counseling participation of any student. This includes, but is not limited to, family, spouses, romantic partners, friends, co-workers, employers, professors or university officials outside of the Counseling Center. No health record information becomes part of a student’s academic record.

Exceptions to Confidentiality
If professional staff believe that a student is immediately and seriously dangerous to themselves or to an identifiable third person, professional staff are legally required to try to keep him or her safe and to warn anyone else the or she might try to harm. Also, if professional staff hear about child abuse or elder abuse taking place in the present, professional staff are required to report this to appropriate state authorities. If professional staff or the records are subpoenaed in a legal proceeding, the Counseling Center may be required to release the records.