Please note: Registering to take a College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam is a two-step process:

  1. Register for each CLEP exam that a student wishes through the College Board.
  2. Register online for each CLEP exam a student wishes to take at the Georgia State University Counseling and Testing Center.

Bring a printed copy of the College Board confirmation on test day. Electronic versions (e.g., on phones, pads, etc.) will not be accepted.

Georgia State University serves as a national test center for CLEP. All CLEP exams (with the exception of essays portions) are administered on the computer. Since policies regarding CLEP credits differ at various institutions, candidates should verify which tests are accepted by their institution. Scores are reported to the school(s) designated as the recipient(s) in approximately two to three weeks. (Score reporting for exams that include an essay might take one to two weeks longer.)

Georgia State University students should review the Georgia State University CLEP Policy for Approved CLEP Exams to determine which exams are approved for related courses and the CLEP exams offered through Georgia State University.

For questions concerning taking CLEP exams at Georgia State University, please contact Richard Walker at 404-413-1736.