Photo of a female African American therapist comforting a college-age woman.

Counseling Services

Counseling Access Line: 678-891-4105
Free and confidential personal counseling

Counseling Services are available on all of the Perimeter Campuses on the following days:

  • Alpharetta: Monday and Tuesday
  • Clarkston: Monday through Friday
  • Newton: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Dunwoody: Monday through Friday
  • Decatur: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

If you are interested in scheduling a counseling session please contact our scheduler at 678-891-4105 for an appointment.

Faculty and Staff who have concerns about a student can call the Atlanta Campus Counseling and Testing Center 404-413-1640 and ask to speak with the Clinical Officer on Duty (COD). Please have the student name and contact information available.

What is Counseling?
Emotional pain, like physical pain, is a signal that something needs to change. Students know to see a doctor for an ache or cough that won’t go away, but where can students turn for support and guidance for the anxiety or feelings of depression that won’t go away? For some students, counseling can be part of the solution.

  • Counselors act as facilitators to help students better understand themselves and the world around them.
  • Counselors work with students to help them understand and explore how their feelings and thoughts influence their choices, decisions and actions.
  • Counselors help students develop more effective coping and problem-solving skills.

The Counseling Services team is committed to helping students be well, so that they can do well by providing individual counseling sessions, group counseling, couples counseling and mind-body services that are free of charge to enrolled Georgia State University students.

Who Should Seek Counseling?
Students may benefit from counseling when their usual way of handling problems is no longer working. Counseling Services will provide the opportunity for students to look at their situation in a different way and to identify, understand and develop skills to resolve their individual concerns. If you are interested in scheduling a counseling session please contact the scheduler at 678-891-4105.