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Virtual Resources

WellTrack Online App.
Georgia State University is dedicated to the wellbeing and success of all students. WellTrack is free, interactive online tool to promote mental wellness on campus.

  • Address anxiety, depression and negative thinking before these issues affect your academic success
  • Get feedback about your health using a mental wellness assessment, and track your progress using the companion app, Moodcheck
  • Secure, anonymous and free
  • Easy to use right on your phone, computer or tablet

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The following is a list of online information and agencies to help students cope with common issues:

Alcohol and Substance Abuse
DUI Evaluations: Atlanta Area Psychological Associates
College Drinking Prevention
Alcoholics Anonymous
Crystal Meth Anonymous
Marijuana Anonymous
Narcotics Anonymous
Substance Abuse Treatment

How Good is Your Anger Management? (Quiz)
Eight Simple Anger Management Tips
Controlling Anger Before it Controls You
Ten Ways to Tame your Temper

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Anxiety Test
The Anxiety Network International

Attention Deficit Disorder
Attention Deficit Disorder Association
Attention Deficit Disorder Student Handbook
Adult Attention Deficit Disorder: Diagnosis, Coping and Mastery

Body Image
What Is Body Image?
Body Image: Men
Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center: Body Image

Community Service Boards
Clayton County Community Service Board, 770-478-1099
Cobb and Douglas County Community Service Board, 770- 422-0202
DeKalb County Community Service Board Central Access, 404-892-4646

Self-Injury or Cutting: Self-Management
Cutting and Self-Harm: Self-Injury Help, Support, and Treatment
S.A.F.E. Alternatives: Self Abuse Finally Ends, 800-366-8288

10 All Natural Ways to Stop Feeling Depressed
Depression and College Students
Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Help for College Students with Disabilities
Students with Disabilities Preparing for Postsecondary Education
Ten Tips for College Students with Disabilities

Divorce Matters: Coping with Stress and Change
Marriage Counseling Questions
Local Support Groups
Divorce Recovery Tools

Domestic Violence
Partnership Against Domestic Violence, 404-870-9600
Domestic Violence Screening Quiz
Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 1-800-334-2836
Intimate Partner Violence
Women’s Resource Center to End Domestic Violence, 404-688-9436
YWCA of Greater Atlanta, 404-892-3476

Eating Disorders
Atlanta Center for Eating Disorders
Eating Disorders Information Network
Eating Disorders Support Groups
Overeaters Anonymous
National Eating Disorders Association

Family and Childhood Issues
American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy
Family and Marriage Counseling Directory
Family Planning and Prevention
Georgia Parent Support Network

Gender and Gender Identity
Mental Health for Men
Answers to Your Questions About Transgender People
Emory Women’s Mental Health Program

Grief Find Groups
The Seven Stages of Grief
Grieving Miscarriage, Stillbirth or the Loss of a Newborn

Coping with an HIV Diagnosis
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs: HIV and AIDS
Positive Impact (Bilingual: English and Spanish) 404-589-9040

National Coalition for the Homeless
Atlanta Mission: Ending Homelessness
Metro Atlanta Task Force for the Homeless, 404-787-5826
United Way of Atlanta 2-1-1
Tuck Sleep Foundation

Impulse Control
Impulse Control Disorders: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments
How to Improve your Self-Control
Impulse Control Disorders

Drug Information for Consumers
Mental Health Medications
Psychiatrists in Georgia

Military Mental Health
Veterans Health Administration
Military Mental Health Screening and Articles
Ending Veteran Homelessness
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
Military Mental Health Services

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTSD Screening for College Students
National Center for PTSD
Information on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

St. Jude’s Recovery Center, Inc.
River Edge Behavioral Health Center
Ridgeview Institute

Healthy Relationship Quiz
How to Improve Your Relationship
Friendly Fighting for Couples
Romance and Attachment Quiz

Sexual Addiction
Relativity at Elements (Formerly the Sexual Recovery Institute)
Porn and Masturbation Addiction Self-Test
COSA: Help for Friends, Family and Partners of Sex Addicts

Sexual Assault
Grady Rape Crisis Center, 404-616-4861 (Crisis Hotline)
Mosaic Georgia Sexual Assault Center and Child Advocacy Center, 1-866-900-6019 (Crisis Hotline)
Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network
U.S. Army Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention
HAVEN: Support for Victims of Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence & Stalking, 1-603-994-7233

Sexual Harassment
Sexual Harassment Law
Anonymous Employee: Workplace Sexual Harassment
Facts About Sexual Harassment

Sexual Orientation
The Trevor Project: Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention for LGBT Youth, 866-488-7386
Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG), Atlanta

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Sexual Health Tips For College Students
AID Atlanta Test Center
Center for Disease Control and Prevention: STDs
Information on STDs

Sleep Disorders
Sleeping Pill Safety: 10 Dos and Don’ts
Insomnia Resources
Sleep Apnea: Home Treatment
Sleep Disorders and Insomnia

Free Online Stress Test
American Institute of Stress
Low-Stress Study Tips

Study Skills
Note taking, Listening and Participation
Study Less, Study Smart: The Best Ways to Retain More in Less Time
Academic Tips
How to Study

Suicidal Ideation
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255
Georgia Suicide Prevention Information Network
Suicide Prevention Resource Center

Test Anxiety
Coaching Yourself Out of Test Anxiety
Timed Testing and Test Anxiety
Overcoming Test Anxiety

Time Management
Time Management Skills
Time Management Resources

Find a Therapist
Find a Free Clinic
Call 2-1-1: Confidential Local Resource Information
Mental Health America of Georgia
Care and Counseling Center of Georgia

Knowing When Your Friend Needs Help
Be An Informed Friend
What To Look For
Hotline Numbers
Help for Friends and Family