The COMPASS college placement test has been discontinued by ACT as of November 30, 2016. The University System of Georgia has adopted ACCUPLACER as its admissions and placement test.

ACCUPLACER is a comprehensive battery of tests designed to provide information about students’ English, reading, mathematics and computer skills. Tests within the ACCUPLACER System are delivered over the internet and assist with determining if students are prepared for college-level courses or if they would benefit from developmental courses. Additionally, ACCUPLACER tests can serve as a tool to evaluate the college readiness of students in high school. Students with scores indicating they are not prepared for college-level work can be provided with information about how to improve their academic skills while they are still in high school. With ACCUPLACER diagnostic tests, students’ academic strengths and weaknesses can be pinpointed so that targeted study can be prescribed.

Applicants to Perimeter College at Georgia State University must take the ACCUPLACER unless exempted by specific criteria (other test scores, transfer credit, etc.). Students who tested in COMPASS previously will not test or retest in COMPASS, but in ACCUPLACER.

Students who would like to review criteria that may exempt them from testing or who want to know more about how scores are used for placement purposes should check with the Learning Support Program.

Students who have COMPASS or ACCUPLACER scores from another school should check with Admissions to see whether or not they can use those scores.

ACCUPLACER may be taken at any of the Perimeter College at Georgia State University campuses (Alpharetta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody and Newton) or at an off-campus site for online students who live beyond commuting distance to one of the campuses. Students who need an off-campus test site should review the information on remote testing so that they can have their site and proctor properly approved before they schedule a test off-campus. Students must test at a University System of Georgia institution in Georgia, or if out of state, an approved testing site. Perimeter College applicants should refer to Perimeter College Testing Services.

Retesting is available for applicants as long as they have an active application. ACCUPLACER retesting does not apply to English as a Second Language placement testing. Immediately after testing, an applicant may choose to take a placement retest, subject to the following stipulations:

  • An ACCUPLACER retest is allowed, no earlier than one day after the initial placement test, in all subject areas where college-level placement was not achieved.
  • After the first retest, students may retest again only after 30 days have passed from the last retest.
  • Applicants who choose to retest must do so in one sitting for all subject areas in which they wish to retest.
  • Test scores in subject areas where college-level placement was not achieved are no longer valid after one year.
  • Placement or admissions will be determined by the combination of the best valid scores between the placement test and placement retest(s).
  • Once coursework is started, a student is no longer eligible for a placement retest. Students who start coursework may start the testing cycle over after one year from their last semester of attendance.

Requirements for ACCUPLACER
In order to take the ACCUPLACER, a student needs the following:

  • A test fee of $20 (for one, two or three areas) for both an initial placement test and retest at Perimeter College campus testing centers. Fees at other locations will vary.
  • An appointment with a testing center
  • Valid government issued photo identification

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Testing information, including ACCUPLACER scores, is not part of the Directory Information, as set forth in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act.