ACCUPLACER & Math Placement

ACCUPLACER is a test that provides information about students’ English, reading, and mathematics skills. Due to the fact that the need to test is determined by Admissions, candidates should wait until Admissions receives and reviews all application and transcript material before testing. Similarly, applicants and students must contact Admissions at 404-413-2500 for assistance.

Please continue to refer to Georgia State University’s COVID-19 site for up to date information from the University.

      Testing update (03/17/2021):

        On campus testing is available at all campus locations.

          All registrations or requests should be done through our campus registration pages at Alpharetta Campus | Atlanta Campus | Clarkston Campus | Decatur Campus | Dunwoody Campus | Newton Campus. Exams are broken into groups and categories, please follow the appropriate exam groups to your exam to register.

            Please note the following:

              • Masks must be worn at all times. Not only is this required for Georgia State University spaces, due to the nature of proctoring services, and the shape of our spaces, it is impossible to guarantee 6 feet distance at all times from other testers or staff.
              • Lockers will still be available, but examinees are highly encouraged to not bring any items to the test center to minimize your need to contact surfaces unnecessarily.
              • We are open as an appointment service only. If we schedule tests for a day and no one makes an appointment, we will not open the centers to ensure staff do not add to density on campus.

                Regarding Virtual Exams:

                  • Requests for a virtual test voucher code to launch an exam can be made using the Campus registrations sites listed above, pick “Virtual exams (Online)” instead of “On Campus Exams”
                  • Please note that virtual appointment request are processed by hand. Requests are processed in the order they are received.
                  • For ACCUPLACER exams (admissions and Math Placement) proctored through Examity, candidates should check that they meet Examity’s requirements to test. Please note that every exam proctored by Examity has a fee associated with their services. Georgia State University has no control over this.
                  • Candidates requesting ACCUPLACER testing with Examity should receive one email immediately confirming the request was sent from the RegisterBlast platform. When the request is processed an email from ACCUPLACER with the voucher code used to make an appointment with Examity and to launch the proper exams.
                  • Problems making an appointment with Examity or with the actual proctoring session should be directed to Examity’s support.
                  • if you need to retest, please request a new voucher be set up for you.
                  • There are a limited number of seats available for proctoring virtually through WebEX at Newton Campus.
                  • For History & Constitution Exams – If you do not have the equipment to complete this exam at home, please email the campus to see about on-campus testing. Note standard proctoring fees will apply for on-campus testing.

                  If you experience any problems, please contact us for assistance via our campus emails – Alpharetta, Atlanta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody, Newton

                  Students who have ACCUPLACER scores from another school should check with Admissions to see whether or not they can use those scores.

                  Taking ACCUPLACER at Georgia State University is not the same for every campus. The information below is intended to direct applicants to Georgia State University to find the information for taking the ACCUPLACER exam. Note that exams taken on the Atlanta Campuses currently have a different process for taking the exam than the other campuses.

                  For ACCUPLACER testing at Alpharetta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody or Newton Campuses,

                  ACCUPLACER is available by appointment. To take the exam at one of these campuses, check our appointment page. Students unable to test at a Georgia State University campus should review the information on remote testing.

                  In order to take the ACCUPLACER exam, a student needs the following:

                  • A receipt showing the paid test fee of $20 (for one, two or three areas)
                  • A valid government issued photo identification
                  • Testing for admissions or placement out of learning support

                  Retesting is available. However, candidates cannot retest on the same day as the previous test.

                  Please note: The fee for admissions into Georgia State University's 4 year programs is currently $28.

                  ACCUPLACER Testing at the Atlanta campus is by appointment only. There is no walk-in testing at this location. Follow the instructions on the Atlanta Campus ACCUPLACER page to make your appointment. The Testing Center at Atlanta Campus tests all year long, and will continually add dates to the registration system.

                  Math Placement
                  The ACCUPLACER exam for GSU is not the Math Placement exam. While the Math Placement exam uses ACCUPLACER as a delivery platform, it is a different exam. It is true that Math placement is taken with any other ACCUPLACER testing, however the exam is only for specific students.  As a result only students eligible to take at least MATH 1001 without any corequisite support course can take Math Placement.  All others are taking ACCUPLACER for GSU. There is no charge for the first time taking a Math Placement exam, and retests for Perimeter College have a $20 fee. The Math Placement exam is offered at the same time as the ACCUPLACER walk-in hours.

                  Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
                  Testing information, including scores, is not part of directory information, as defined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).