ACCUPLACER Remote Testing

Testing Services supports the admissions process for applicants by facilitating placement testing for online and distance students at testing sites nationwide.

Please note the following conditions:

  • Remote testing is arranged for students 50 miles or more from a Georgia State University Perimeter College campuses. Testing Services will not arrange remote tests at other institutions within the 50 mile radius.
  • Students who test at locations other than Perimeter College at Georgia State University campuses will usually be charged a fee by the testing location. This is not controlled by Perimeter College, and the application of a fee or the amount of the fee is determined by the non-Perimeter College testing location. Students who are out of the country may have limited test sites available. Student should email to see if any options are available.
  • Remote testing can be set up through any of our campuses
  • Alpharetta Campus: currently unable to process remote requests.
    Clarkston Campus: [email protected]
    Decatur Campus: [email protected]
    Dunwoody Campus: [email protected]
    Newton Campus: [email protected]

Setting up a Remote Test:

Contact a testing center in your area (local college/university) to determine if test center personnel are willing to proctor your ACCUPLACER math and writing placement tests. Your test proctor must be testing personnel who is employed at a local college/university (which can be verified). Students are not allowed to take the placement tests without the supervision of an approved proctor. This ensures the integrity of the students’ test scores and the security of the ACCUPLACER tests.

Proctor Qualifications:

  • Familiar with accepted practices for administering standardized tests
  • Has no vested interest in the student’s scores
  • Is not related to the student
  • Is employed by an academic institution, which can be verified, and can provide an official school email address
  • If the site is not already an ACCUPLACER remote location, have your proctor verify that there is a computer available and ask your proctor to make sure it meets the basic tech requirements for administering the tests. The easiest way to do this is to go to ACCUPLACER and click “System Requirements.”
  • Contact one of the Georgia State University Perimeter College Testing Centers and ask to speak with the Testing Coordinator. They will work with your proctor to set up your exam. Your proctor will be contacted via email with testing instructions for accessing the ACCUPLACER testing website or with information on launching a remote test if they are an ACCUPLACER remote location.
  • The Testing Coordinator you are working with should notify you when your test has been set up. Please schedule the placement test only after you have been notified that it has been set up.
  • When Scheduling your placement test session you may wish to allow for 4.5 hours for testing. Parts of the test are untimed.
  • On the day of testing should the need arise, please contact the campus Testing Coordinator who set up the remote test.
  • If you have questions about the remote testing procedures at Georgia State University Perimeter campuses, please contact a campus testing center through the email addresses above.

If you have questions about the remote testing procedures at Georgia State University Perimeter campuses, please contact a campus testing center.