College Level Examination for Placement (CLEP)
CLEP offers exams that cover specific introductory course content. Consequently, anyone who believes he or she is proficient in an academic subject may take a CLEP test to earn credit.

The University Advisement Center keeps a list of scores needed to earn credit Georgia State University. Also, Georgia State University students should consult with their academic advisor before registering for a CLEP exam.  Information on the exams, test descriptions and CLEP sampler can be found at College Board’s CLEP website.

The first step is to purchase an exam from The College Board.

The second step is to register for an appointment to take the CLEP exam on campus. Students will still pay the fee for the exam on campus in the Cashier’s Window

How to use the Online Registration system

    As we get closer to October 1st, dates and times will be added to the Online Registration system. Note:October 8-11 the Testing Centers will be proctoring Online midterms and will have limited seats available.

      To view the available test dates and time for an exam via the online registration system, students should follow these steps.

        • Pick the campus testing center an appointment is to be made at
        • Pick CLEP as the exam type under Choose an exam type.
        • Pick the CLEP exam to be taken under Choose an Exam Group. Note that when registering for a CLEP exam that requires the “optional essay”, two appointments will need to be made – one for the CLEP exam and one for the essay. For example, a student taking CLEP College Composition Modular would need to make an appointment for CLEP College Composition Modular and CLEP College Composition Modular Handwritten Essay to get credit at Georgia State University. Georgia State University students unclear as to which exam to take should consult their advisor.
        • Use the Choose a Date and Choose a Time sections to see all of the open dates and times currently available at Atlanta Campus.

        Dates and times are added throughout the year to accommodate students’ schedules. After completing the above steps, students may complete a registration for any open date and time by providing the remaining information that the system will ask for:

        • Providing the examinee’s name and email.
        • Reading and acknowledging the guidelines.
        • Providing any additional information asked for (varies by exam).

        For students outside the metro Atlanta area, to locate a testing center visit College Board. CLEP testing is also available at the Atlanta Campus but registration and fees are handled differently there.

        CLEP Fee
        The total cost for each CLEP exam is currently $114 effective July 1, 2018.

        • $89 payable by credit card to College Level Examination Program to the College Board
        • $25 payable by exact cash, credit card or money order at the campus Cashier’s window.

        Please Note: Effective July 1, 2019, the new CLEP exam fee will be $89. The current $87 fee will still apply to all exams purchased through June 30, 2019.

        Questions regarding receipt of scores or credit acceptance at Georgia State University should be directed to Elaine Jones, Admissions, Sparks Hall, Suite 200, or by phone at 404-413-2042.

        Requesting CLEP scores
        The College Board is the only source for CLEP scores. Therefore to request official CLEP scores, test takers must visit College Board. Counseling and Testing services does not receive CLEP scores.

        DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST)
        Atlanta and Dunwoody campuses offer DSST. However Georgia State University does not grant credit for them. To request official DSST scores, please visit the DSST website. Those interested in taking the test at the Dunwoody location, please email. For testing at Atlanta campus, please view their webpage.