University students can face a variety of changes, problems and important decisions. Typical concerns include:

  • Building self confidence
  • Dealing with change or loss
  • Designing more effective self care
  • Developing more satisfying relationships
  • Increasing self awareness
  • Managing time
  • Resolving conflict

In coping with these issues, many students feel stressed, confused, anxious and alienated. As a result, academic or professional work and personal and professional relationships can suffer.

Counseling and other services can help students to address these concerns. The primary purpose at the Counseling Center is to help the university community in efforts to enhance personal well-being, increase professional and career satisfaction, promote learning and facilitate interpersonal relationships.

Online Resources:

WellTrack Online App.
Georgia State University is dedicated to the wellbeing and success of all students. WellTrack is free, interactive online tool to promote mental wellness on campus.

  • Address anxiety, depression and negative thinking before these issues affect your academic success
  • Get feedback about your health using a mental wellness assessment, and track your progress using the companion app, Moodcheck
  • Secure, anonymous and free
  • Easy to use right on your phone, computer or tablet

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