Group Counseling

Group counseling provides a unique way to learn about oneself and one’s relationships and to give and receive support and feedback from others. It is the treatment of choice for building satisfying relationships with others and is often preferred by those who benefit from a supportive community. Groups provide the advantage of getting to see others with similar concerns solve their problems and also allow students to gain a network of support. Research has shown that groups are especially helpful in building trust, self-acceptance, intimacy, stronger communication skills and empathy.

Counseling Center’s Support Groups

  • QUEERIES: LGBTQIA+ Support Group
    Queeries is a support group for students who idenitfy as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, queer, questioning, intersex and asexual.  The purpose of the group is to create a safer space for exploring who you are, develop community, and discss the strengths and challenges of being authentically you.
    Tran*Quility provides support for students who idenitfy as trans as well as students who are questioning their gender.  Join us to grow confidence in who you are, gains skills to face challenges, and talk with peopple who can relate.
  • Graduate Student Support Groups
    The Graduate Group is an interactive process group for students enrolled in a graduate program.  The group will focus on but will not be limited to topics connected to the stresses of graduate school.  Other issues like relationships, self-esteem, family dynamics, and grief will be addressed as presented.
  • Black Women’s Support Group
    Exclusively for Black women,  this group will provide support around issues such as relationships, stereotypes, spirituality,  belonging, sexuality. academics, minority stress and success as well as any other issues of importance to group members.  We will provide support and build coping skills specific to navigating life as a Black woman.
  • Parenting in a Pandemic
    This group is open to all students who are parenting children.  Join a former teacher and a former child therapist for a supportive space to learn skills to naviagate the challenges of taking care of children while balancing life demands. Goals of the group include identifying and understanding emotions, learning skills to cope with uncertainty and change, increasing social connection and processing the experience of parenting in a pandemic.
  • Coping with COVID
    This group is open to all students who would like to increase skills for coping with living through a  pandemic. Goals of the group include identifying and understanding emotions, learning skills to cope with uncertainty and change, practicing self-care, increasing social connection and creating a safe space to process the experience of living in a pandemic.
  • Survival Team
    This group will build skills and connections among students who have attempted suicide in the past.

For information on how to join a support group, call the Counseling Center at 404-413-1640.