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WellTrack Online App.
Georgia State University is dedicated to the wellbeing and success of all students. WellTrack is free, interactive online tool to promote mental wellness on campus.

  • Address anxiety, depression and negative thinking before these issues affect your academic success
  • Get feedback about your health using a mental wellness assessment, and track your progress using the companion app, Moodcheck
  • Secure, anonymous and free
  • Easy to use right on your phone, computer or tablet

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Haven & AlcoholEDU
AlcoholEdu®, powered by Everfi, provides useful, research-based information to help students make healthy decisions and to help them develop healthy lifestyle habits that will benefit them the rest of their lives. AlcoholEdu® incorporates the latest evidence-based prevention methods to create a highly personalized user experience that inspires students to reflect on and consider changing their drinking behaviors.

Haven-Understanding Sexual Assault™ is a two part, online sexual violence awareness and prevention course. One in five college women will experience some form of non-consensual sexual activity by graduation. Additionally, one in 71 men will experience rape at some point in their lives, with one in six victimized with sexually abusive experiences by the age of 18. The widespread impact of sexual violence on students presents an urgent and pressing challenge for the nation’s campuses. Haven addresses the critical issues of sexual assault, relationship violence and stalking, which impact countless college students across the country. Haven uses a population-level approach to educate all students on the issues associated with sexual assault and relationship violence, taking into account their unique perspectives and experiences.

Circle of 6
Circle of 6 is the winner of the White House Apps Against Abuse Technology Challenge. Originally designed for college students to prevent sexual violence, it is also helpful for teenagers, parents, friends or communities seeking to foster healthy relationships and safety. Circle of 6 makes it quick and easy to reach six people chosen by the user. If the user needs help getting home or an interruption, two taps lets the user’s circle know where the user is and how he or she can help. It’s a mobile way to look out for each other on campus or when out for the night and prevent violence before it happens. It is free and available for Apple and Android.

td411 was built specifically for college students to provide information on dating abuse and healthy relationships. It includes a dating quiz to help identify if there could be a concern and provides important national hotlines and other resources if the user wants to talk to an advocate. It is free and available for Apple and Android.

Aspire News
Appearing as a news app, Aspire News contains summaries of top world, sports and entertainment news. However, it also includes a help section with resources on domestic violence and allows users to discreetly send a message to friends in an emergency. Trusted contacts who are added within the app can be alerted with or without the user’s location information. The inconspicuous nature of the app can be helpful to some survivors who want to use a personal safety app but are concerned that the abuser may find the app on the phone. The trusted contacts do not have to be individuals who are already in the phone’s contact list, giving the user more flexibility over who they choose as a trusted contact. Within the app, there is a quick escape button that the user can use to quickly change the screen to news if someone was to look over his or her shoulder. Aspire News is available for free through Apple and Android.

Tuck Sleep
Tuck Sleep Foundation is a non-profit community devoted to improving sleep hygiene, health and wellness through the creation and dissemination of comprehensive, unbiased, free web-based resources. Tuck has been featured on NPR, Lifehacker, Radiolab and is referenced by many colleges/universities and sleep organizations across the web.