Distance Learning

Distance Learning

Proctor Services at Georgia State University
The Counseling and Testing Center offers individual proctoring services for those engaged in distance learning, or for other assessments and certifications on an appointment basis, with appointments typically scheduled to begin either at 9 a.m. or 1 p.m., Monday through Friday. Office hours for proctoring services are 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. At this time, proctor services are not offered in the evening or on weekends. The Testing office staff proctor both paper based and computer based exams. The proctor fee for exams from U.S. institutions or organizations is $20 per hour, or portion thereof; payment is accepted in the form of money order only, payable at the end of the testing session. The proctor fee for exams from non-U.S. institutions or organizations is $25 per hour or portion thereof.

As Georgia State University is currently closed to students and the public through the end of the semester, please be aware that we will be unable to test during this time. Please see Georgia State University’s COVID-19 site for up to date information regarding the University and any changes that may take place.

    TEAS update (03/19/2020) – Students should contact ATI customer care to reschedule their dates; please note that Georgia State University will not open back up to students and the public until the end of the semester.

      ACCUPLACER, MATH PLACEMENT update (04/23/2020) – While the university is closed, students and applicants can take the exam virtually through Examity if they meet the requirements to do so. Examity is now taking appointments again. Applicants and students may request an Examity exam setup for them through our registration pages –

        Alpharetta Campus | Atlanta Campus | Clarkston Campus | Decatur Campus | Dunwoody Campus | Newton Campus

          • Once you make the request, you will be added manually to an ACCUPLACER remote session. This does not happen automatically, but will be done in order of receipt of the request. You will also receive an email ‘receipt’ from the RegisterBlast registration system confirming that your request has been made.
          • You will receive an email with a code, called a “Voucher Number” from the ACCUPLACER platform. This code is used to launch your exam.
          • The ACCUPLACER email will include a link for Examity. You will need to set up and account with Examity to be able to make an appointment with them.
          • Please note that every exam proctored by Examity has a fee associated with their services.
          • Problems making an appointment with Examity or with the actual proctoring session should be directed to Examity’s support
          • After testing, your scores will be posted to your record in 24-48 hours (with the exception of weekends), your next step would be to check the Admissions checklist or to reach out to your advisor
          • if you need to retest, please request a new voucher be set up for you.

            If you live out of state and have local institutions that can proctor the ACCUPLACER exams, we may be able to set a ‘remote exam’ at that location for you there as well. Please contact us via email with your Panther ID#, your location and where you are trying to have a remote exam set up.

              History & Constitution Exams update (04/01/2020) – In collaboration with the History and Political Science department, we offering a version of the exam that can be taken virtually. You may register for a section at our registration pages – Alpharetta Campus | Atlanta Campus | Clarkston Campus | Decatur Campus | Dunwoody Campus | Newton Campus

                All other On Campus Testing Update (03/19/2020) – We are unable to give other exams as things currently stand. We can reschedule exams once we have a re-opening date. More information to come.

                  If you experience any problems, please contact us for assistance via our campus emails – Alpharetta, Atlanta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody, Newton

                  Prior to designating the Counseling and Testing Center location or having test materials sent to this office, students should confirm an appointment with the proctor. Proctor arrangements may be made as far in advance as the desired dates for testing are known. Payment for invigilation fees for non-U.S. institutions or organizations is accepted in the form of check, money order or bank transfer only.

                  Counseling and Testing Center is located at 75 Piedmont Ave, N.E., Suite 200A, Atlanta, GA 30303, on the southeast corner of the intersection of Piedmont Ave, N.E. and John Wesley Dobbs Ave., N.E. Upon arrival, candidates should inform staff at the Counseling and Testing Center reception desk that they are taking a proctored exam, so that the staff may provide appropriate directions to the Testing office.

                  Please contact the Testing Center to arrange appointment dates and times.

                  Georgia State University online students are not proctored through the Counseling and Testing Center; instead they schedule exams and are proctored through the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning’s proctored lab for online exams

                  Parking and Transit Options
                  Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
                  Two MARTA train stations are near the center, both on the east-west (Georgia State station) and north-south (Peachtree Center station) lines, as well as several bus stops. Visit MARTA for more information to plan an itinerary.

                  University Visitor Parking and Public Parking
                  University operated visitor parking is available. Lots or decks not affiliated with Georgia State University are also within the area; prices vary by lot, so consider comparing rates before visiting the center.