The Counseling and Testing Center serves as a national test center for DSST exams. Because policies regarding DSST credits differ at various institutions, candidates should verify which tests are accepted by their respective schools. All DSST exams are offered on the computer with the exception of Principles of Public Speaking which is in paper and pencil format and is not offered at the Counseling and Testing Center. The tests are two hours in length and immediate scoring is available.

Georgia State University Policy on DSST Tests
Although the Counseling and Testing Center serves as a DSST test center, Georgia State University does not accept DSST credits. Georgia State University students should refer to CLEP for Georgia State University approved college level examinations.

Mathematics Applied Technology
Fundamentals of College Algebra
Principles of Statistics
Business Mathematics
Technical Writing
Humanities Physical Science
Ethics in America
Introduction to World Religions
Principles of Public Speaking (not offered at Georgia State)
Here’s to Your Health
Environment and Humanity: The Race to Save the Planet
Principles of Physical Science I
Physical Geology
Social Science Business 
Art of the Western World
Contemporary W. Europe: 1946-1990
An Intro to the Modern Middle East
Human and Cultural Geography
Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
A History of the Vietnam War
The Civil War and Reconstruction
Fundamentals of Counseling
Criminal Justice
Introduction to Law Enforcement
Foundations of Education
Lifespan Developmental Psych
Drug and Alcohol Abuse
General Anthropology
Human Resource Management
Organizational Behavior
Principles of Supervision
Business Law
Introduction to Business
Introduction to Computing
Money and Banking
Personal Finance
Management Information Systems
Principles of Financial Accounting

Test Dates and Registration

DSST exams are available to register for online.

To view the available test dates and time via the exam registration system students must:

  • Pick DSST under Choose an exam type.
  • Pick a DSST exam under Choose an exam.
  • Use the Choose a Date and Choose a Time sections to see all of the open dates and times currently available at Atlanta Campus.

If no dates are available, inquire with us via our email address.

*Note: Candidates must wait a minimum of six months to retake a DSST exam.

The administration fee is $28, and the DSST test fee is $85 for a total of $113 for each exam.
The $108 fee for each DSST test must be made in two payments:

  • The administration fee is $28 and is paid online with a credit or debit card or electronic check. The fee of $28 is nonrefundable and nontransferable. To change a test date, re-registration is required and repay the administration fee;
  • The second portion is a $85 test fee and is paid to DSST online in the Counseling and Testing Center on test day using a credit or debit card.

Candidates registering for more than one test will be required to pay the full fee for each exam.

Test Day
The Counseling and Testing Center is located at 75 Piedmont Ave, N.E., Suite 200A, Atlanta, GA 30303. This building is at the intersection of Piedmont Avenue and John Wesley Dobbs Avenue. Check out the Georgia State Campus Map

Candidates should bring the following:

  • Two forms of identification. One form must be an official driver’s license with photograph or a valid passport.
  • Payment for DSST testing fees (see fees section above)
  • Four digit school code to indicate school recipient. School codes may be obtained from candidate’s academic advisor or on the DSST website.

For additional information, contact LaTrease Myles at 404-413-1963.