Make-up For Classroom Testing

Make-up for Classroom Testing

The make-up testing program is designed for instructors who require test administration services for students who are absent on test days due to illness, emergency or other event. The Testing Center offers a quiet, relaxed atmosphere and a flexible schedule for meeting both instructors’ and students’ needs. Testing staff will be responsible for maintaining security of exam materials, carefully checking photo ID of students and administering exams according to specific guidelines set by each instructor.

Individual make-up exams are administered by appointment only. In order for a student to take the make-up exam through the Counseling and Testing Center, an instructor must submit an Instructions for Make-up Exams Proctored by the Georgia State University Testing Office and a printed copy of the exam to the Testing office located at 75 Piedmont Ave, N.E., Suite 200A, Atlanta, GA 30303. Tests should not be sent via fax or email. The instruction form and exam need to be submitted no later than 24 hours prior to the scheduled exam administration. Students being referred for make-up testing should contact the Testing Center staff to schedule an appointment.

Below are suggestions and instructions to ensure this procedure operates smoothly and effectively:

  • Inform students that photo ID is required for taking exams in the Testing Center.
  • Inform students of guidelines as indicated on the Instruction Sheet. This includes:
    • Time frame for taking exam (dates)
    • Time allowed
    • Materials allowed (if any)
  • Choose testing dates carefully. The Testing Center will strictly adhere to the instructor’s provided time frame. Always try to offer a range of selected dates rather than a specific test date. Appointments are subject to availability of Testing staff and space within the Testing office.
  • Deliver the appropriate test(s) as soon as possible prior to the test date. Appointments for tests cannot be confirmed until the Testing Center staff have the test copy and guidelines in hand. Only hard or printed copies of the test are acceptable. In lieu of faxing or emailing exams, faculty with schedule conflicts must send tests to their departments and make arrangements for staff within the department to deliver tests to the Testing Center.
  • Submit an error free exam. Staff members will not be permitted to provide individual instructions or corrections to interpretations of exam content.
  • Instructors should plan to pick up exams as soon as possible after the exam period. Because of security and confidentiality issues, exams may not be returned via interoffice mail.