Taking the Math Placement Test

Math Placement

Before Registering
A math placement test is used to place students directly into College Algebra (MATH 1111), College Trigonometry (MATH 1112), Precalculus (MATH 1113), Survey of Calculus (MATH 1220), Calculus for the Life Sciences I (MATH 2201), Calculus of One Variable I (MATH 2211) or Discrete Mathematics (MATH 2420). This exam should be taken prior to New Student Orientation.

Please continue to refer to Georgia State University’s COVID-19 site for up to date information from the University.

      On-Campus Testing update (08/28/2020)
      Schedules are now available for limited face-to-face, on campus testing on each campus. Staffing will be to student demand and built around strategic concerns regarding density of students on campus. To this end, please note:

      • Masks must be worn at all times. Not only is this required for Georgia State University spaces, due to the nature of proctoring services, and the shape of our spaces, it is impossible to guarantee 6 feet distance at all times from other testers or staff.
      • Lockers will still be available, but examinees are highly encouraged to not bring any items to the test center to minimize your need to contact surfaces unnecessarily.
      • We will reopen as an appointment service only. If we schedule tests for a day and no one makes an appointment, we will not open the centers to ensure staff do not add to density on campus. We will not be testing every day of the week at this time, but working both on campus and virtually.
      • Our focus to begin with will center on exams that cannot be taken virtually, like MAT, TEAS, or CLEP.
      • Students with appointments cancelled during the closure should email the campus of their appointment to reschedule to an open date or time for their exam to be proctored.
      • TEAS – Examinees should contact ATI customer care to register for or reschedule their dates; Atlanta and Dunwoody campuses have opened up limited TEAS testing seats.
      • ACCUPLACER, Math Placement, CLEP, DSST, MAT, Independent Studies or Proctoring Services – Examinees should check for our schedules online Alpharetta Campus | Atlanta Campus | Clarkston Campus | Decatur Campus | Dunwoody Campus | Newton Campus by picking the On Campus Exams option, and then choosing their testing groups until they get to the exam they want.
      • Prometric Exams (including GACE) we are testing through our Prometric lab again, check your test vendor’s website for directions on how to register.

        Virtual Exams update (01/04/2021)
        Due to limited seating, virtual exams for ACCUPLACER, Math Placement and History and Constitution are still being offered in a virtual environment. This may be done through our campus registration pages at Alpharetta Campus | Atlanta Campus | Clarkston Campus | Decatur Campus | Dunwoody Campus | Newton Campus by picking Virtual Exams (online) and following the exam groups to your exam. Please note that Math Placement is offered through the ACCUPLACER platform.

        • ACCUPLACER, MATH PLACEMENT – Students and applicants can take the exam virtually through Examity if they meet the requirements to do so. Applicants and students may request an Examity exam setup for them through our registration pages –
            • Once you make the request, you will be added manually to an ACCUPLACER remote session. This does not happen automatically, but will be done in order of receipt of the request. You will also receive an email ‘receipt’ from the RegisterBlast registration system confirming that your request has been made.
            • You will receive an email with a code, called a “Voucher Number” from the ACCUPLACER platform. This code is used to launch your exam.
            • The ACCUPLACER email will include a link for Examity. You will need to set up and account with Examity to be able to make an appointment with them.
            • Please note that every exam proctored by Examity has a fee associated with their services.
            • Problems making an appointment with Examity or with the actual proctoring session should be directed to Examity’s support.
            • After testing, your scores will be posted to your record in 24-48 hours (with the exception of weekends), your next step would be to check the Admissions checklist or to reach out to your advisor.
            • if you need to retest, please request a new voucher be set up for you.
            • There are a limited number of seats available for proctoring virtually through WebEX at Newton Campus. Please pick the “Virtual Exam Request” and “WebEx Proctoring for ACCUPLACER and Math Placement”. Additionally Dunwoody may have space available – email first at duntest@gsu.edu.
          • History & Constitution Exams update (04/01/2020) – In collaboration with the History and Political Science department, we are offering a version of the exam that can be taken virtually.

            Rescheduling Update (8/25/2020) As campuses create schedules for re-opening, if you wish to reschedule exams that were cancelled due to the shut-down of campuses due to COVID-19, please contact the campus you registered at via the emails below.

              If you experience any problems, please contact us for assistance via our campus emails – Alpharetta, Atlanta, Clarkston, Decatur, Dunwoody, Newton

              Students who require only Math 1101 for their major do not have to take the math placement test. To determine if a major requires the math placement test, visit Academic Advisement.

              For applicants trying to take an exam for admissions to the college, or to meet a collegiate placement into MATH 1101 or ENGL 1101, please see the ACCUPLACER page.

              For more information regarding New Student Orientation, visit New Student Orientation. For more information on the Math Placement exam requirement, contact the University Advisement Center at 404-413-2300 or contact the Mathematics and Statistics Department at 404-413-6400. For information about dates, times and locations, of the exam contact Testing

              Registering for the Test
              Students must register online for a testing appointment.

              To view the available test dates and time via the exam registration system students must:

              • Pick Math Placement exam under Choose an exam type.
              • As we may have Math Placement exams proctored at different locations, there may be multiple Math Placement exams listed under Choose an exam.. For example Math Placement @ 75 Piedmont is given at the Counseling and Testing Center’s office while Math Placement @ Urban Life MILE will be in the MILE lab in the Urban Life building. The address of the registration will be on the confirmation email. Students are allowed one Math Placement test without being charged a fee. All retests must be taken using the retest exam that assesses the fee.
              • Use the Choose a Date and Choose a Time sections to see all of the open dates and times currently available at Atlanta Campus.

              Dates and times are added throughout the year to accommodate students’ schedules. After completing the above steps, students may complete a registration for any open date and time by:

              • Providing the student’s name and email.
              • Reading and acknowledging the guidelines.
              • Providing a Phone number and Georgia State University Panther ID Number.

              Description of Test
              Georgia State University uses the ACCUPLACER exam (designed by the College Board) as a math placement exam to help accurately place students in college math courses. The test administered at Georgia State University may include algebra and trigonometry. The number of areas in which a student will be tested will depend upon the student’s level of ability. All students will take items in the area of algebra. The score on the algebra section will determine if a student takes items in the area of trigonometry. ACCUPLACER provides sample questions and a study app.

              Test Fee
              There is no test fee for taking the math placement test for the first time when proctored by Georgia State University. However, students must pay $50 to re-take the math placement test. Students should be charged this when they register online. If the system does not charge them at the time of appointment, see Retaking the Math Placement Test for alternatives.

              Test Day

              • On the day of the test, candidates are to bring either their Panther ID or a non-expired government issued ID with photo.
              • Test fee payment of $50 (in the form of money order only) is required if student is retaking the exam and was not charged when making the appointment (see Test Fee section above).
              • A print-out of the receipt should be brought on test day.

              • Scratch paper will be provided at the exam.
              • Outside Calculators are not allowed on the test; when math questions require a calculator, the student will be able to access a calculator through the computer.
              • No food or drink (including water) is allowed in the testing labs.
              • Cell phones and other electronics must be turned off during the entire testing period.

              For further information regarding testing or retesting, contact us via our email address or call LaTrease Myles at 404-413-1963.