Intern Selection Procedures

  1. The Counseling Center advertises the internship positions on the Counseling Center’s website and through the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Directory.
  2. A selection committee, which includes members of the training committee as well as other senior staff members, reviews all applicants based on specific criteria which include, but are not limited to, appropriate educational background, experience in counseling with college students and interest in college students and multicultural competence and diverse experiences.
  3. Applicants must submit the APPIC Application for Psychology Internship (AAPI) along with related materials required on the AAPI OnLine. After applications are independently evaluated by each member of the selection committee, the committee meets and compiles a list of applicants to be interviewed. These candidates are contacted by the training director, and phone interviews are subsequently scheduled.
  4. Phone or Skype interviews are conducted by the training director and the other members of the training committee. The interview lasts approximately 45 minutes to one hour, and candidates are given the opportunity to answer a variety of questions. Topics include theoretical orientation and how it is applied to a client, past experiences and other inquiries that grow from the review of the candidates resume and application materials. At the end of the interview, candidates are invited to ask questions they might have as well.
  5. The deadline for applications is mid-November (see APPIC Directory), and the candidates are informed of their status (whether they will receive interviews or are on an alternate list) by mid-December (see APPIC Directory).
  6. Phone or Skype interviews are generally conducted during the month of January, and final rankings are completed prior to the deadline set by the National Match Service. The Georgia State University Counseling Center participates in the National Match Service and Phase II of the Match if necessary.