Supervision & Training

The training staff works within a practitioner-scholar model with an emphasis on the development of the intern. This practitioner-scholar model focuses upon the practical integration of empirical knowledge into clinical work, guided by mentoring supervisory relationships, discussions with peers and senior staff in weekly case conferences and didactic training. The primary focus of the training program is clinical work with an urban university population that is diverse in terms of many variables including age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, religious affiliation, socioeconomic status and presenting concern. This broad training experience prepares interns to move comfortably and competently into a variety of outpatient settings. A major strength of training at the Counseling Center is the multicultural opportunities available due to the diverse student body and training staff of Georgia State University.

Supervision focuses on helping interns develop and refine methods of intervening therapeutically that are grounded in theory and research. Emphasis is placed on development of the strengths of interns. The Counseling Center highly values the abilities and talents brought by interns and strives to integrate each intern into the full operation of the Counseling Center as an independent professional. Interns will have the opportunity to serve on center committees, present clinical questions and offer feedback in regular case conference meetings, make suggestions and give insights on the operation of the Counseling Center and pursue professional development through conference and workshop attendance. The staff of the Counseling Center is diverse and offers a variety of theoretical orientations and training backgrounds. Interns are given the opportunity to be involved in the selection of their individual supervisors and are involved in identifying their needs and goals for the internship year.

Clinical Supervisors Profiles

Jill Lee-Barber, Ph.D.

Mikyta Daugherty, Ph.D.

Jeana Griffith, Ph.D.

Jenny Qin, Psy.D.

Angela Bethea-Walsh, Ph.D.

Shirley Chancey, Ph.D.

Chrisanne Mayer, Psy.D.